Cat trees come in our element colour themes and are hardy and durable. They are made of reclaimed wood, carpets, recycled fabrics, recycled corks and natural twine. Our wood has been treated and sanded to make sure that there are no sharp edges that could cause injury.


Our cosy boxes are made from reclaimed wood, carpet and finished off with one of our signature mats. The wood is treated and sanded before use to reduce sharps and injury. The cosy box is perfect for cats who like small spaces, they are able to claw on the wood as they would do in nature and have a safe, durable space to use. 

Circular Cat Tree - Double Tier with Cosy Box

Element Colour
  • Please note that our products are all bespoke and might not look exactly like the picture, as we use reclaimed wood and materials they will not be the same for every product. The colour of your product may also be different however we try our best to make sure all products reflect the pictures on the website.