Frequently asked questions

What makes you sustainable?

We use all recycled fabrics of which we naturally dye without the use of heavy machinery. We make sure that our fabrics when assembled together are durable and hardwearing so that one cushion will be enough for heavy use. Our natural logs are from trees that have been felled through being unsafe and are dried and naturally treated in house. We used reclaimed yarn and stuffing for all of our toys to make sure that they have one last lease of life before they are taken to waste sites.

Are your products cat safe?

Yes! We use products that are used in every household, our washing and dying techniques are all with cat safe products and have been thoroughly checked before we proceed to make them into our products. We do not use safety eyes for any of our toys and our products are checked for screws and any sharps that could cause injury. As we have cats ourselves we are very aware of what we would have our animals using so we would never make a product that would cause any reaction for animals. Please see our disclaimer or drop us a message on our live chat or email for any further inquiries regarding safety.

Are your cushions washable?

Our cushions are removable which make them able to be washed. As we use natural dies the colour of the product may fade, we recommend handwashing only with cool water and left to naturally dry. This ensures that the dye does not fade and that the shape isn’t compromised through tumble drying. Please bear in mind we recommend only washing products up to 5 times as natural dyes do not last as long as artificial ones.

How do you make your products?

Our products are all handmade; they encompass all of our favourite things about crafting and nature. Our cushions are made from ragging fabrics and tying them together to make one long yarn, we then plait all of the fabrics together to create our amazing colours, finally we hand sew them together in the desired shape and then they are ready to be put on the tree or tepee. Our wood is cut, sanded and treated or painted; we cut our logs and secure them altogether to create our product. Our toys are crocheted and stuffed with reclaimed stuffing, we find these to be really fun and creative also they have no sharp edges or fastens that could potentially cause harm. We wanted our products to have an element of fun and creativeness as that mirrors us as designers and makers, having products that are a little different and alternative really brings nature indoors in a modern and contemporary way.