Ignite the adventure and let your cat run wild with our handcrafted cat trees. Encourage your fury friends to unwind and relax or cause some chaos, Let them climb right to the tops of the platforms and look down from their tree top, watch them get mischievous in their very own cosy box and hunt for snacks on their very own treat stump. Awaken their natural instincts and let them explore on the comfort of their very own bespoke tree. With raw bark and mats that encourage natural behaviours these trees are perfect for any kitty looking for adventure or just a comfy spot to sleep on.  cat trees are crafted out of natural logs and recycled wood. They provide a stable and comfortable space for fur babies that are made to encourage natural behaviours. 

The base materials are made out of carpets that would have otherwise been taken to landfills and our cushions are handcrafted with a mix of recycled and naturally dyed fabrics. Our trees come in our signature element colour themes so you can make them personal to you and your cat.