Ketta is living proof that if you have a dream and get the opportunity to make it a reality, take it. Our passion for animals and creativeness snowballed into creating this small home grown business that you see now! Both coming from creative backgrounds we had one small idea of creating an area for the rescue kittens which quickly ignited a passion for building using reclaimed materials. This is the backbone to the business and the ethos we abide by. We continue to work letting our vision of a sustainable future flourish and creating a safe, fun and vibrant area for all cats to make nature cosy. 



Our handmade cushions start their life as recycled fabrics, we then rag and naturally dye them if needed, we then make a yarn by tying them together and create large plaits. When they have been plaited we then sew them together in the desired shape to make a comfortable and durable cushion. By doing this process we are able to make sure all products are closely controlled to ensure they are safe before they are sent to you. 

Dying process:

Prepping our fabric:

 Natural dyes are an amazing way to add a pop of colour without using harmful synthetic dyes. Firstly we wash all fabric to make sure they are clean, we then boil the fabrics in vinegar or salt, this helps the colour stay in the fabric, don’t worry the vinegar does not have a smell to it after it has been boiled.

 To make our dies we choose a selection of fruits and veg to create colour! for example; red cabbage makes blue/purple, this is perfect for out air theme! We measure out the fruit or veg and water to create the strength of our dyes, this is the exciting part. Every dye is different so it’s a real surprise when we take out the fabric, and that is where the magic begins. 



Who are we? We are Ketta, we specialise in creating handcrafted trees, accessories and toys for cats! All of our products are carefully thought out to provide an amazing and fun space for your cats at home. Out signature colour themes are based off natures very own elements; fire, earth, water, air and spirit, these allow us to combine comfort and nature and bring them into your home. Our crazy sense of colour and design has created not only cat accessories but alternative ways to provide an area in your living space designated for your fur baby! We love that we are able to use materials that would’ve otherwise been thrown away. Our fabrics are all recycled and we hand dye our materials in house using fruits, vegetables and flowers. We love the idea of being able to use waste materials and create magic which we are then able to share with you. We love our craft and making sure that every cat has a safe and comfortable space for them to live their purrrfect life.